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The CLI for building apps with meetup-web-platform - open source, but only for internal use
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The CLI for building apps with meetup-web-platform (internal).


$ mope <command> [<args>]



The mwp-cli executable (mope) is defined in /bin/mope.js - you can execute it directly without installing the mwp-cli package. In development, this means that you can test the CLI from your application directory by running node path/to/mwp-cli/bin/mope.js

For example on running mwp-cli from mup-web

  1. Checkout mwp-cli and a *-web repo in this example mup-web
  2. Go to mup-web repo folder
  3. From mup-web run node ../mwp-cli/bin/mope.js COMMAND (e.g. node ../mwp-cli/bin/mope.js tx pullAll which will pull all trns down for the mup-web transifex project)
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