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Occupy Together Hackathon

Friday, October 14, 12pm - 9pm, Meetup HQ (632 Broadway, 3rd Floor, NY, NY)

We stand together, so why can't we hack together? Come join us and help us to grow and expand the Occupy Wall St movement!

The format is simple. We'll occupy Meetup HQ and hack on projects related to the movement, whether they be our own creations, improvements to Occupy Together's global hub and directory or banding together to knock out a task for the NYCGA or FLO/Internet Working group.

Occupy Together will be there. Members of the Meetup Everywhere API team will be there. Will you be there?

Please RSVP at our Meetup Everywhere.

P.S. We'll be there all day, but we understand you might not be able to be. That's OK! Just come a bit later.

Ideas Page

Results Page

IRC:, #hackupy

Relevant mailing lists: FLO Solutions, Internet Working Group

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