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Hackathon ideas

  • Have an idea? Want to form a team?

Occupy Together related

  • Meetup Everywhere has lots of structured data related to events going on around the world
    • Can we make a widget of things going on right now?
    • Can we keep the Everywhere page up to date by syncing up with Facebook's Events API? Google Calendar? (some cities are using facebook, and there's a Google Calendar for upcoming events on Occupy Wall

General ideas

  • collaborative blogging platform for emerging groups
  • Mobile voting app
  • WiFi Island with local services, streaming audio
  • GA Internet Audio Shoutcast Broadcast Live
  • Federated and localized "GroupMe" - GroupMe minus {SMS, groups} plus {inferred groups based on radius to person sending}
  • Stalkrrr, Twitter follow-by-proxy - A service that anonymously proxies following on Twitter; multiple people can read a timeline from a Stalkrrr page without adding to follower counts or identifying followers. (may be anti-Terms of Service for Twitter, requires research) Mike Caprio, @mik3cap
  • Occupy Demands - Participatory decision making platform to answer "what do the protesters want" & map differences at each local protest. Project launched: ( @mbelinsky
  • Meetup Everywhere API plugin for Ushahidi Digital Placemaking - Placemaking is a bottom up community-led approach to urban design and planning. Project for Public spaces, a nonprofit Placemaking NGO, would like to add this to their Ushahidi projects on the item level, allowing any idea to improve a place to become a mini-meetup group to help make it happen. In the case of OWS this could be used for Placemkaing in the parks and adjacent areas around each occupation site. @danlatorre
  • Cop Watch - I just found this while looking for occupy related projects to get involved with.. It seems to have started well and then trailed off 9as good ideas so often do). I've forked it (to bartin442/web-cop-watch) and plan to start developing it further. I'm pretty new to this. been fiddling with python for nearly a year now, just as a hobby, and have recently beeen looking at Django.. If nobody shows any interest I'm not sure whether i will take it beyond a personal training exercise, but, on the other hand, if interested (and hopefully more experienced) people show an interest then I would be up for it. Either way, I'll add some documentation (maybe even an inspirational "what this project could be if we put our minds to it" section) to my fork at least, in the next few days.

Specific ideas

  • Thomas Levine will show up around 5:30 pm to demo Papio, which we are going to try as a distributed, synchronized speaker for film screenings. In addition to seeing the demo, we can brainstorm uses for it and then hack.
  • Streaming audio to a phone call
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