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This is partly a people's microphone aid, but generally a system to maintain rapid communication within a group even if access to external wireless networks is entirely disrupted.

Inspired by the PirateBox, "a self-contained mobile communication and file sharing device", this project recognizes that you don't always need the internet. Often the information you want is within the network of people and computing hardware in one location.


The central piece of the hack is a reliable wifi hub with some useful services running on it. In practice you want to build an OpenWrt router but for the hackathon we might use a laptop in ad-hoc wifi mode, or an Android phone.

Shoutcast server

iPhone and Android apps are available that will stream shoutcast radio stations; these should not know the difference between an internet station and one that is only on the local wifi network. The only missing piece is a means to easily broadcast audio over the shoutcast protocol.

This can be done from any laptop, but an interesting feat would be to broadcast directly from a phone to all listeners. Essentially, a shoutcast server in an Android app that uses the microphone as an audio source. This doesn't seem to exist yet, although there are many video and audio streaming apps that depend on an internet server.

You wouldn't want to broadcast from the one phone to all listeners, so the simplest thing is probably to set up a shoutcast repeater on the wifi hub. That is, don't invent a new protocol to send from the phone to the hub, just have it be a shoutcast with the hub as its sole listener. If there is no such thing as a repeater/proxy for shoutcast, this would also need to be hacked.

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