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Usage: 'mapurl' 'meetupurlname' 'time' 'key'

Where 'mapurl' is the google map url (USE THE RSS FEED LINK)

Where 'meetupurlname' is the name of the meetup everywhere container you will be adding events to

Where 'time' is the time to set all the events to be at (IN MILLISECONDS)

Where 'key' is your Meetup API Developer key

"javac" to compile and "java googlemapimport" to run

where 'urlname' is the the name of the everywhere container (example: "TechCrunch" refers to "") where 'apikey' is your unique api key which can be found at "" where 'google map rss url' is the google map url

where 'time' is the event time which is given in milliseconds since the epoch. to get the number use the date command on the command line. e.g.

date +%s -d "Tue Jul 21 04:23:56 EDT 2010"

For questions, contact