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Meetup API Widget Foundry, Source Repository

This is the repository that drives our Widget Foundry.

To test widgets locally, you'll need to create a file called api_key.js in your checked out directory of the repository. In that file, assign your API key to a global variable:

$api_key = "my-api-key-goes-here"

The key is only used for local testing. When a widget is published to the foundry, its request urls will be signed for whichever user is logged in.

With a key file in place you should be able to preview any of the widget HTML sources in a browser, especially the ones with "live" in their filename as they have been tested and are live on our site. (For new widgets, please leave "live" out of the name; we'll add that after it's tested.)

To try out your widget inside the foundry, paste it over the source of any other widget there; just click on its Edit Source link. And when you're finished, send us a pull request!

For any questions about using the foundry or the Meetup API in general, see the the API list.