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GValidator (v0.5.49) - Javascript Validation library from OneGeek (
GValidator is a lightweight javascript form validation library that automatically
adds client-side validation to form elements, without needing to write a single line of javascript.
The aims of the project are to provide the following:
* A user-friendly experience
* A reusable and lightweight library
* Semantically clean code
* Standards compliant code
* Cross browser compatibility
* Code flexibility and extensibility
* promote adoption via ease of use
How to use GValidator (Simple Usage)
To use the library all you need to do is:
* Copy the icons folder into your image directory
* Set the ICON_DIR variable in gvalidator.js to point to this location
i.e. ICON_DIR = '/images/icons';
* Include the gvalidator.css script file in the header of the page
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/css/gvalidator.css" media="screen"/>
* Include the gvalidator.js script file at the bottom of the page, just before </body>
i.e. <script type="text/javascript" src="/js/gvalidator.js"></script>
* The form is given a class attribute of "gform" to activate GValidator
* The fields for validation are given various obvious class names depending on how we wish to validate them.
i.e. class="name", class="phone", class="text" etc.
There is no embedded JavaScript functions or invalid semantic markup here, just clean, straight-up XHTML.
Advance GValidator usage
GValidator is quite flexible and extensible. It also provides a simple internationalization mechanisem.
-- Configuration Options --
GValidator has the following options, passed in to a variable with name 'ONEGEEK.forms.GValidator.options'.
This variable is a literal object, containing key/value pairs.
Parameter Accepted Values Description
reqShow [Boolean] Automatically add the required char to labels?
reqChar [String] Character used to indicate a required field
reqPlacement ['after', 'before'] Position of required character. Can be 'before' or 'after'
autoFocus [true,false] Automatically focus the first form element on page load
supressAlert [Boolean] Supresses the javascript alert on an invalid form submission
highlightFields [Boolean] Will apply a class name of 'highlight' to any invalid field on form submission attempt.
Element level messaging display options
eMsgFormat ['open','compact'] How to display messages next to the field.
- 'open' refers to always showing the message
- 'compact' only shows if the user performs an event on the field's icon.
eMsgEventOn [String (DOM Event)] Only used if eMsgFormat = 'compact'. Event used to trigger message display toggle
eMsgEventOff [null, 'click', 'mouseout' ...] Only used if eMsgFormat = 'compact'. Event used to trigger message hide toggle.
MUST NOT BE THE SAME AS 'eMsgEventOff' or they will cancel each other out
Form level messaging display options
fMsgFormat [null, String, Function] How to display errors at the form level.
- null displays an alert to the user indicating there are errors to be corrected. See fMsg to override default message.
- String - Pass in an id reference to a container div to place the errors in as a <ul class="gvErrorsList">
- Function - To do something custom on form submission error, pass in a function that accepts 1 parameter containing all of the error fields (ONEGEEK.forms.AbstractFormField[])
fMsg [String] A string alert to display on error i.e. "Please correct the highlighted errors!",
Image parameters for 'compact' messages
icons: {
ok [String] Path to the OK state icon
info [String] Path to the INFO state icon
error: [String] Path to the ERROR state icon
-- Internationalization (I8N) --
To specify a language translation for a form, simply do the following:
- apply the W3C attribute 'lang' to the <form> with the value of the Country to translate i.e. lang="DE"
- Create a variable with the name ONEGEEK.forms.GValidator.translation.<lang> i.e. ONEGEEK.forms.GValidator.translation.DE
- In that Object map, each top level key should correspend to an existing validator type, and the second-level key/value pairs for the different message types
To set defaults across ALL validator types, use the special top-level key 'defaults' i.e.
ONEGEEK.forms.GValidator.translation.DE = {
defaults: {
successMsg: 'Danke',
contextMsg: 'Bitte füllen Sie',
errorMsg: 'Kaputt! Es wurde ein Fehler beim Überprüfen diesem Bereich',
emptyMessage: 'Pflichtfeld, füllen Sie bitte.',
firstname: {
contextMsg: 'Wir möchten Sie von Ihrem Namen zu nennen'
- To set the form level error message, override the 'fMsg' property like the following:
ONEGEEK.forms.GValidator.options = {
fMsg: "Bitte korrigieren Sie die markierten Fehler!"
-- Extending GValidator (simple plugins) --
Example of a new IP 4 Address validator:
ONEGEEK.forms.GValidator.plugins = {
ip4address: {
_extends: 'GenericTextField',
regex: /^(25[0-5]|2[0-4][0-9]|[01]?[0-9][0-9]?)\.(25[0-5]|2[0-4][0-9]|[01]?[0-9][0-9]?)\.(25[0-5]|2[0-4][0-9]|[01]?[0-9][0-9]?)\.(25[0-5]|2[0-4][0-9]|[01]?[0-9][0-9]?)$/g,
cleanRegex: /[^0-9\.]/g,
contextMessage: 'Please enter a valid IP 4 Address i.e.',
errorMessage: 'Please enter a valid IP 4 Address i.e.',
successMessage: 'Thanks'
-- Extending GValidator (advanced) --
See the documentation at for more details on this.
To get the latest code, view or post bugs or learn more go to:
GValidator Change Log
- Minor bug fix for single checkbox forms.
Major updates include:
- Internationalisation and translation file support added.
- Easy configuration, and form specific configuration via class names and id's
- Simple plugin file support
- Empty fields now have separate error messages
- Form level validation can be passed to a function handler via configuration
- Form level validation errors can be displayed in a container div via a configuration option
- Element level configuration options
- DEPRECATION of the following params
- ENABLE_COMPACT_MESSAGES (replace with config option eMsgFormat: 'compact')
- ICON_* (replaced by config options icons: {error: 'image/path', info...} )
Bug fix (Issue 4). Generic text field did not take 'required' flag into consideration, and is now more closely related to AbstractTextField, in that it has a universal 'this.regex' predicate.
GValidator now resets along with a form reset.
Added ability to use the 'required' class for validation purposes.
Elements can now have multiple classes (for non-GValidator purposes) and it won't affect the GValidator validation
Initial Release of GValidator on Google Code
Icons in the example are provided by Fam Fam Fam (
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