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+# NOTE: This project is no longer being maintained
+This was one of my first clojure projects and it was fun. Its design
+is based on similar patterns found in the old `clojure.contrib.sql`
+(clojure v1.2 days?) by using dynamic vars to manage connections,
+channels, etc. Early on this seemed cool but things quickly became
+hard to work with. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to update this
+library with the lessons learned.
+This repository remains in case anyone still uses it. Although, if
+you still use it I recommend switching to [langohr][1] which is
+actively maintained and better designed or simply use the [RabbitMQ
+Java Client][2] directly.
# WabbitMQ
WabbitMQ is a Clojure messaging library for use with RabbitMQ. It

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