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This is my ["now"]( page, inspired by [Derek Sivers.](

As of `July 2020` I live in the house I bought in 2017 in my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland with two roommates. The end of June saw me complete Lambda School, a nine-month bootcamp in data science and software development. I'm now actively job searching for software developer or data scientist positions on the right team at the right company. I'm interested in financial technologies—Stripe is the dream company! The Collison bros. are my heroes—as well as ed tech and digital media. I have enough savings and investment runway to last me 18 months (although I sincerely hope it doesn't take that long).

I'm a writer. I have a number of post ideas, but what I'd like to write about most is a primer on money and monetary economics, a how-to guide to training for [the straddle planche](, and more book reviews (not least because reviewing a book distills and reinforces it). I'm more interested in writing and thinking clearly, and participating in the conversation, than I am in gaining a following.

I also [interview people](/ Up next I'd like to interview the economics professor that changed my life: Howard Baetjer.

I am making slow but steady progress on the straddle planche. Goals in physical fitness include the [iron cross on rings](/rings-strength) and a straddle press to handstand which I train in the home gym I built in my backyard. One day I want to compete in an iron man, but that's *well* off on the horizon.

<img src="/assets/images/now/july-planche.png" alt="Planche progress—almost at parallel!" width="400"/>


For another peak at my "now", check out my [newsletter](
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