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Refactored code, Color utilities and Terminal code in separate files

Refactored code, Highlighting values defined and generated
Corrected XTerm colors
Added urxvt 88 color suport (Color Util and Forms Highlight)
Added Konsole and urxvt256c
Note: Konsole does not draw UTF-8 9608 2588 FULL BLOCK correctly
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1 parent f11cd6a commit fd50e1aab46e60064ab58f873e8344e67f13a000 megaannum committed Aug 27, 2012
@@ -81,7 +81,6 @@ over to you Vim home location.
Vim has a number of third-party plugin managers. If you are using one
you can configure it to automatically download and install Forms.
-TODO how to use VAM plugin manager
## Dependency
@@ -248,6 +247,18 @@ then, there ought not be a problem.
Forms simply works on the version of rxvt that supports Unicode and 256
colors, urxvt256c.
+## Linux urxvt & Vim
+Forms now works with 88 colore rxvt that supports Unicode urxvt.
+## Linux Konsole & Vim
+Forms now works kconsole (though kconsole's UTF-8 9608 2588 FULL BLOCK
+does not render correctly)
+## Linux Eterm & Vim
+Forms works eterm (well, I hope it works, no access to ETerm so could not test).
## Linux GVim
Some testing has been done on the Linux GVim platform and all of the
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