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Generate template Scala comments


Manage ScalaDoc comments for classes, traits, objects, methods, vals and vars: Generate comment templates and Format existing comment '@' tag lines

The comment generation code here inspired by Kalle Bjorklid's JCommenter

Some of the basic utility functions, some recognition patterns and many of the configuration parameters can be found in JCommenter. While JCommenter is written in a imperative style, ScalaCommenter has components that are Object Prototype based building on the Self.vim script which can be found at Location

The parameter algorithm has been re-worked, a template parameter algorithm has been added for Scala; as well as recognizing class constructors, values and variables. The formatting part of this script is also new.

Functions for automatically generating ScalaDoc compatible comments. The scala#commenter#Writer() can produce a number of kinds of comments depending on the current line/range.

Supported tags in the order they should appear in a comment are:

* @author      (top-level classes, traits and objects only, required)
               listed in chronological order
* @version     (top-level classes, traits and objects only, required)
* @param       (methods, classes and inner classes only)
               listed in argument-declaration order
* @tparam      (methods, all classes and all traits only)
               listed in template argument-declaration order
* @return      (methods only)
* @throws      (methods and all classes)
               listed in aplhabetical order
* @see         
* @since       
* @serial      
* @serialField
* @serialData
* @deprecated  

For more information (which may or may not apply to Scala) see Sun Writing Doc Comments


The Commenter autoload 'commenter.vim' code file should be in the 'autoload/scala' directory, the 'commenter.txt' in the 'doc/scala' directory and the plugin 'commenter.vim' code in the 'plugin/scala' directory.


The Scala Commenter depends upon the Vim Self library: Vim GitHub


Place cursor on line with object, class, var, val or def is declared and invoke: scala#commenter#Writer().

To re-format an existing scala comment, place cursor within the bounds of the comment and invoke: scala#commenter#Formatter()

These commands are defined as key mappings in the plugin/scala/commenter.vim file:

autocmd FileType scala map cm :call scala#commenter#Writer()<CR>
autocmd FileType scala map cf :call scala#commenter#Formatter()<CR>


Vim location

Acknowledgements and thanks

  • Andy Wokula: provided feedback on help file syntax.