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Educational purposes only

Allows you to retrieve information on linkedin profiles, companies on linkedin and search on linkedin companies/persons

Project example : Nqntnqnqmb maltego


hammer_and_wrench Installation

With PyPI

pip3 install nqntnqnqmb

With Github

git clone
cd nqntnqnqmb/
python3 install

Usage of

You just have to put the li_at and JSESSIONID cookies in the config.json file. If you want to do automatic account rotations, simply add the cookies like this

  "li_at": "1st account",
  "JSESSIONID": "1st account"
  "li_at": "2nd account",
  "JSESSIONID": "2nd account"
usage: [-h] --mode MODE [--company COMPANY] [--profile PROFILE]
                     [--searchCompany SEARCHCOMPANY]
                     [--searchProfile SEARCHPROFILE] --output OUTPUT

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --mode MODE           There are different modes: getEmployees to get all
                        employees of a company, getProfileInformations to get
                        all informations on a profile, searchCompany to search
                        a company from the name of the company , searchProfile
                        to search a profile from a name
  --company COMPANY     Url of the company for get all employes (getEmployees)
  --profile PROFILE     Url of the profile for get all informations
  --searchCompany SEARCHCOMPANY
                        The name of the target company (searchCompany)
  --searchProfile SEARCHPROFILE
                        The name of the target (searchProfile)
  --output OUTPUT       Name of the csv output file

Usage of nqntnqnqmb with python:

from nqntnqnqmb import *
getCompanyFromName(company,JSESSIONID,li_at)#Search company on linkedin from name
getProfileFromName(search_string,JSESSIONID,li_at)#Search linkedin profile from name (Simple Usage)
getProfileFromName(search_string,JSESSIONID,li_at,pages_to_scrape=5,results_per_page=20)#Search linkedin profile from name (Advanced Usage)
getCompanyFromProfile(profile_url,JSESSIONID,li_at)#Extract linkedin company from a profile
getAllEmployees(company,JSESSIONID,li_at)#Get all employees of a company from the linkedin company url
getContactInformations(profile_url,JSESSIONID,li_at)#Extract contact informations from a profiles like the email, phone number and more

Thank To :


Allows you to retrieve information on linkedin profiles, companies on linkedin and search on linkedin companies/persons