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dwm.vim : Tiled Window Management for Vim

dwm.vim adds tiled window management capabilities to Vim. It is highly inspired by dwm (Dynamic Window Manager) tiled layout management.

Download page on vim.org: http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=4186

Windows are always organised as follows:

|              |        S1        | 
|              |===================
|      M       |        S2        | 
|              |===================
|              |        S3        | 

Use the following commands to create, browse and close windows:

  • C-N Creates a new window and place it in the master pane [M] & stacks all previous windows in the stacked pane [S]
  • C-C Close the current window if no unsaved changes
  • C-J Jumps to next window (clockwise)
  • C-K Jumps to previous window (anti-clockwise)
  • C-Space Focus the current window, that is, place it in the master pane [M] & stacks all other windows in the stacked pane [S]
  • C-M Fullscreen mode for the current window (use focus to return to normal mode)



Install to ~/.vim/plugin/dwm.vim.

Or copy and paste:

mkdir -p ~/.vim/plugin ~/.vim/doc; \
wget -qO ~/.vim/plugin/dwm.vim \
    https://raw.github.com/spolu/dwm.vim/master/plugin/dwm.vim; \
wget -qO ~/.vim/doc/dwm.txt \

You can use curl -so if you prefer it over wget.

Optional Settings

  • g:dwm_map_keys: if set to a falsey value, prevents key mapping.
  • g:dwm_master_pane_width: set the width of the master pane (e.g. g:dwm_master_pane_width=85)

To use a mouse to select windows and resize panes:

  • set mouse=a: enable the use of the mouse in all modes
  • set ttymouse=xterm2: recognize mouse codes for the xterm2 terminal type


There is only one tiled layout available right now, but do not hesitate to fork it!

For fun, I urge you to try using dwm.vim in vim, in tmux, in ssh, in tmux, in xterm, in dwm.

Thanks luriel for this awesome comment on the HN post related to dwm.vim:

As one of the original instigators of dwm and wmii before that (mostly by shouting at garbeam) I want to point out that this kind of tiled window management was first introduced in larswm (that is sadly discontinued), which in turn was heavily inspired by Rob Pike's Acme editing environment ( http://acme.cat-v.org ). So in a way we have gone full circle, from text editor, to window managers, back to text editor. That said, I still prefer Acme to vim, but would be really cool if somebody added mouse chording to vim :)


@dsapala (Dan Sapala)
@matze (Matthias Vogelgesang)
@tony (Tony Narlock)
@lmarburger (Larry Marburger)
@afriggeri (Adrien)