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This project is no longer being worked on. For a more complete, 3D editor for Beat Saber tracks, check out Ikeiwa's project Edit Saber

Beat Saber Unofficial 2D Track Editor

This project is currently functional, but the features are limited.

Currently supports:

  • Loading a WAV or MP3 file into the editor. (No OGG yet!)

  • Loading / Saving track .json files

  • Placing / deleting notes, mines, events, and obstacles

  • Locking the grid to 8th / 16th / 32nd notes, or placing at arbitrary positions

  • Placing notes while the track is playing by pressing keys on the keyboard.

Example image

To run:

Grab the latest binary from the Releases tab

If you are using the Mac OS app, you will need to manually allow it in gatekeeper since it's unsigned.

Here is a screenshot with more information:

MacOS info

Build it yourself:

Download Processing 3.3.7

Install the Minim library

Tools -> Add Tool... -> Libraries tab -> Search for "Minim" -> Select it then click "Install"

Install the G4P library

Download the latest build of G4P. Click the sourceforge link on this page:

Extract the zip, and place extracted G4P folder in Processing's library directory C:\Users(username)\Documents\Processing\libraries\

Open the project in Processing

Open BeatSaberTrackEditor.pde

Run the project by clicking the triangular play button. Press the square stop button to end.

Currently working on:

This project is no longer being worked on.

If someone can somehow get .ogg support working, I may pick this project back up.

Next steps:

Roadmap if the project was picked up again:

.ogg support!

Cut, undo, redo.

Offset track data to align with song

Support triplets, zooming


An experimental unofficial track editor for the VR game Beat Saber



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