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MegaM@Rt MegaM@Rt project: Papyrus Extensions

This repository contains the code of number of plugins that extend the functionality of Papyrus for Aspect Oriented Modeling (AOM). It also contains an update site to install them.

MegaM@Rt Extensions for Papyrus

  • eu.megamart2.papyrus.profiles.aom: this extension adds a AspectJ profile that enables the modeling of AspectJ applications and aspects.


The installation of the MegaM@Rt Extensions for Papyrus follows the standard Eclipse plugin installation precedure.


MegaM@Rt Extensions for Papyrus require the following software requirements:

  • Git
  • Eclipse 2018-09 Modeling (or above)
  • Papyrus

Install Git, Eclipse 2018-09 Modeling, Papyrus before proceedding to install these Papyrus extensions.

Installation precedure

  1. In a command line interface (CMI), pull the MegaM@Rt Extensions for Papyrus Repository to get the update site locally: git clone This will create a megamart2-papyrus folder into your local file system

  2. In Eclipse, select the top-menu Help/Install New Software. In the Install Wizard, select the Add... button to create a new local repository. Give a name and select the Local... button. Browse your local file system to the Git repository created in previous step. Select the megamart2-papyrus/Site/ folder

MegaM@Rt Extensions for Papyrus installation step 2

  1. In Install wizard, select the MegaM@Rt Extension for Moka feature, and click on next. Follow next steps, acepting the license and finish. Accept new popup windows that may appear to accept the installation. Restart Eclipse when prompted.

MegaM@Rt Extensions for Papyrus installation step 3

User Manual

Modeling AspectJ in UML with AspectJ profile

The MegaM@Rt AspectJ profile can be apply to model aspects and pointcut/jointpoints for software systems modelled with UML. Following procedure describes how to use the profile in Papyrus UML Editor. As an example, we use the figure.uml model shipped within the clonned local repository megamart2-papyrus in the location megamart2-papyrus/Plugins/eu.megamark2.papyrus.profiles.aom/examples. This figure model is borrowed from AspectJ documentation

  1. Open figure.di by double-clicking
  2. In the welcome tab open both the figures and aspect model views by double-clicking on them

Figure UML model views

  1. On aspect view, click on any blank part of the model. Open the properties view. Select the profile tab. The aspectj profile is already applied. To apply this (or another profile) to the model, click on the apply registered profile icon and select AspectJ profile from the list. Once accepted, the profile is added to the list of applied profiles

Applying the AspectJ profile

  1. To apply an AspectJ stereotype to a property or operation of the PointObserving aspect, select the element in the Papyrus model view. Then, in the properties view, select the profile tab. Click on the green plus icon to add an stereotype. Select the stereotype from the list and click on add right pointing arrow button to move the profile for the list of applicable stereotypes to the list of applied stereotypes. Accept the dialog. The new stereotype appears in the list of applied stereotypes in the profile tab.

Applying an AspectJ stereotype

  1. Edit the stereotypes properties (slots) and reference them to other compatible stereotyped elements within the model (e.g. the <> PointObserving class).

Editing stereotype properties

AspectJ profile is based on the published research work: Evermann, J. (2007, March). A meta-level specification and profile for AspectJ in UML. In Proceedings of the 10th international workshop on Aspect-oriented modeling (pp. 21-27). ACM.. Consult this work as a reference for the semantics of the AspectJ profile.

Main contact: Jesús Gorroñogoitia

Project funded by the European Union

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