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Twitter-bot is a bot I made to help streamline my marketing for my artwork. The bot retweets tweets from a list of users, and can also retweet tweets from specific hashtags.

Technologies Used

  • Node.js
  • twit: Twitter API client for Node.js
  • Heroku: platform for deployed applications


I knew that I wanted to build something that could make my life easier. I feel like I've spent too many hours trying to create a social media marketing strategy, when I really should focus more energy and effort creating better artwork. Thus I decided to explore building bots to automate my social media marketing.

I started off by creating a function for my bot to retweet tweets with a specific hashtag. Then I created a function to retweet tweets from a list of users. I identified the users by their Twitter ids, since users always have the ability to change their screen names (this is also why I included comments with info on what accounts are associated with the different ids)

In order to allow the bot to work automatically, I deployed it to Heroku.

User Stories

  • As a user, I want a bot that can retweet tweets from specific Twitter users.
  • As a user, I want a bot that won't retweet tweets it has already tweeted.
  • As a user, I want a bot that can retweet tweets tagged with specific hashtags.
  • As a user, I want a bot that will retweet once a day, around the same time of day.


After cloning down the repo, make sure to create a .env file, and populate it with your own Twitter keys (use .env.example as a template. You should also run npm init to install all related packages.

Unsolved Problems/Next Steps

  • Build out the list of users to tweet
  • Create a better formula for filtering through users to retweet
  • Build out the logic behind retweeting tweets associated with specific hashtags


Twitterbot for retweeting tweets from specific users or hashtags




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