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MacOS X Carbon Interface README
The MacOS X version is currently in BETA. It should be fully functional
but has not been fully tested or approved for "production".
Setup, Uninstaller, and Check utilities have all been ported to their
Carbon based counterparts.
This should build fairly cleanly on MacOS X with the standard libraries.
A few exceptions are libxml (GNOME XML libraries) and libintl (library
for string localization).
LibXML can be compiled cleanly on the Mac with some minor changes. See for details on how
to get it to compile. These changes apply to the libXML v1.x as well.
I would recommend saving yourself a lot of trouble and downloading the
required libraries on with
"Fink". It's fairly easy to setup, and the current Makefile will look
in /sw/lib (the default Fink install location).
Mac OS X has a specific directory structure for all applications. The
"setup.carbon" binary will NOT function unless it is run from this folder.
The current Makefile will automatically copy a version of setup.carbon
into the correct location (setup.APP/Contents/MacOS). The binary should
be run from this location. This also holds true for the uninstaller and
check utilities. The .APP folders are created for the uninstaller and
check utility once they are built on a machine successfully.
Mac OS X will refuse to create an event loop or acknowledge the binary as
a "windowed" Mac application unless it is inside this setup.APP folder.
You've been warned. :-)
run "make setup.carbon"
run "make carbon_uninstall"
run "make check.carbon"
The carbon version does NOT support the XPM format used in other versions.
It currently supports only the JPEG image format. Just specify the splash
image in the setup.xml file in the same way you would previously.
The setup.carbon build will not get built in any other target. You have to
specifically build this target (even if you say "make all").
Unlike the unix version of Loki Setup, the Mac version looks for
in several different locations to provide maximum flexibility for both
Mac only developers, and developers who wish to create cross-platform
setup.carbon will search from the location of the binary (setup.carbon) and
work its way up the directory tree up to and including the location of the
.APP folder. This allows the developer to include the install data along
side the .APP folder (if providing a multi-platform installation) or in
the .APP bundle (which would be preferable in a Mac only install).