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/* Network functions for the Loki Setup program */
#ifndef _network_h
#define _network_h
/* This is the structure we pass back as a lookup handle */
#ifndef _install_h
typedef struct _URLlookup URLlookup;
/* This does a non-blocking network check of a URL
It returns a socket file descriptor which is passed to wait_network(),
or -1 if an error occurred while setting up the network check.
#ifdef TEST_MAIN
extern URLlookup *open_lookup(const char *url);
extern URLlookup *open_lookup(install_info *info, const char *url);
/* This checks the status of a URL lookup */
extern int poll_lookup(URLlookup *handle);
/* This closes a previously opened URL lookup */
extern void close_lookup(URLlookup *handle);
#endif /* _network_h */