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/* Definition of the extractor plugin headers */
#ifndef __PLUGINS_H__
#define __PLUGINS_H__
#include "install.h"
typedef struct {
/* Information about the plugin */
char description[256];
char version[32];
char author[128];
/* The file extensions recognized by this plugin */
unsigned num_extensions;
const char *extensions[MAX_EXTENSIONS];
/**** Function pointers *****/
/* Initialize the plugin */
int (*InitPlugin)(void);
/* Free the plugin */
int (*FreePlugin)(void);
/* Get the size of the file */
size_t (*Size)(install_info *info, const char *path);
/* Extract the file */
size_t (*Copy)(install_info *info, const char *path, const char *dest, const char *current_option,
xmlNodePtr node,
UIUpdateFunc update);
} SetupPlugin;
/* Dynamic plugins must export a C function with the following signature :
SetupPlugin *GetSetupPlugin(void);
typedef SetupPlugin *(*GetSetupPluginPtr)(void);
/** Find the plugin structure associated with a file (looks through the list of registered extensions
* @param path file name
* @param suffix if non-NULL assume the file has this suffix to force a certain plugin
* @returns pointer to plugin or NULL if none matches
const SetupPlugin *FindPluginForFile(const char *path, const char* suffix);
/* Register a plugin */
int RegisterPlugin(const SetupPlugin *plugin, void *handle);
/* Initialize static and dynamic plugins */
int InitPlugins(void);
/* Free all registered plugins */
int FreePlugins(void);
/* Dumps info on a file about all registered plugins */
void DumpPlugins(FILE *f);