Alchemy is a fantasy "match three" puzzle game.
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Alchemy is a fantasy "match three" puzzle game.
You are an alchemist in search of the Philosopher's Stone. To complete the three stages of the Great Work you transmute metals and create substances the world has never beheld!

=== How to run ===
You need python 2.6 and pygame installed on your system.

If you are using Ubuntu, you already have python installed and only need to install pygame:
$ sudo apt-get install python-pygame

Now you can navigate to the directory where you unpacked the game and run:
$ python

=== How to play ===
Place the figures on the field to destroy three or more cells of matching color. Cells represent pieces of metal as well as different kinds of planet energies (it's a very sacred knowledge, all right?)
At each level you are doing an alchemical experiment and you have to destroy a certain number of certain cells to complete it.
Note however, that base metals tend to lose their alchemical properties with time and become unusable. If you see that a piece of metal is aging, use it as soon as possible!

Hint: right-click to rotate a figure.

=== Licensing information ===
Copyright 2011 Valentina Mukhamedzhanova <>

Please read COPYING for the source code licensing information.

Images of planet symbols are provided by under CC-BY and CC-BY-SA license.
Application icon image and Sulphur image are based on the work by Ville Seppanen released under CC-BY-3.0 license.
Game background image is provided by ac3raven ( user) under CC-BY-SA license.
Some of the GUI elements are based on "RPG GUI contruction kit" created by Lamoot and released under CC-BY 3.0.