Get Linux system info to use in debugging linux systems
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This is generated system info, generated by the sysinfo script on

This helps developers to get complete Linux system information, so they could detect problems.

Just run this script and you get a directory structure and a tarball in a mktemp dir, which you can upload.

it has the following structure:
                | proc/ - /proc dump (not complete dump, but specific parts)
                | sys/ - /sys dump (not complete dump, but specific parts)
                | kernel/ - kernel info
                | harddrivers/ - harddrive info
                                         | sdX/ - harddrive info for this specific block device
                                                  | sys-queue/ - /sys/block/sdX/queue data. Used by the IO scheduler
                | README.txt - this explanation
                | SUMMARY.txt - the summary of the system generated on it

License: GPLv2