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Multi-transport RPC client/server library
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Multi-transport RPC client/server library

Libxr is a library that allows for rapid implementation of RPC clients and
servers in C.

Libxr features:
  - Multiple RPC transports. (XML-RPC and JSON-RPC)
  - RPC interface description language (XDL)
  - Persistent connections over HTTP/1.1
  - Server "session" support for non-persistent connections
  - Multi-platform support (Linux, Windows, ...)
  - TLSv1 using GNUTLS

Libxr has two parts, library itself and RPC interface description language
compiler (XDL compiler). Thanks to the XDL compiler, you can create and
implement complex RPC interfaces in a very short time. Here is an obligatory
"Hello world!" example XDL file:

  namespace X;
  servlet Test {
    boolean sayHello()
      printf("Hello World!");
      return TRUE;

Whenever you call XTest.sayHello() RPC method, "Hello World!" will be printed to
the server's standard output.
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