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Mirror of last iText release available under LGPL/MPL
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iText is a Java PDF library originally dual licensed under MPL/LGPL

Beginning with version 5.0 the developers have moved to the AGPL to improve their ability to sell commercial licenses. I fully respect the developers' wishes and rights. To assist those desiring to stick with the old license I'm making the final MPL/LGPL version more easily available.

I have compiled the project using Java 6. The jars are available under the Downloads tab. Since iText 4.2.0 is compatible with JDK 4+, you may wish to recompile yourself to get JDK 4/5 compatiblity. To do so:

cd iText-4.2.0/src
ant jar
ant jar.rups
ant jar.rtf

Additionally, version 5.0 breaks binary compatibility by changing package names from com.lowagie to com.itextpdf. To offer compatibility with compatibly-licensed code targeting 5.0, I've also produced a jar of 4.2.0 using com.itextpdf. See the Downloads tab. You can find the source in the com.itextpdf branch of the repository. You can compile with the instructions above.

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