A pure node.js JavaScript Client implementing the MySql protocol.
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A pure node.js JavaScript Client implementing the MySQL protocol.

Support this module

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npm install mysql

Important: If you are upgrading from 0.9.1 or below, there have been backwards incompatible changes in the API. Please read the upgrading guide.


var mysql = require('mysql');
var TEST_DATABASE = 'nodejs_mysql_test';
var TEST_TABLE = 'test';
var client = mysql.createClient({
  user: 'root',
  password: 'root',

client.query('CREATE DATABASE '+TEST_DATABASE, function(err) {
  if (err && err.number != mysql.ERROR_DB_CREATE_EXISTS) {
    throw err;

// If no callback is provided, any errors will be emitted as `'error'`
// events by the client
client.query('USE '+TEST_DATABASE);

  '(id INT(11) AUTO_INCREMENT, '+
  'title VARCHAR(255), '+
  'text TEXT, '+
  'created DATETIME, '+
  'PRIMARY KEY (id))'

  'SET title = ?, text = ?, created = ?',
  ['super cool', 'this is a nice text', '2010-08-16 10:00:23']

var query = client.query(
  'SET title = ?, text = ?, created = ?',
  ['another entry', 'because 2 entries make a better test', '2010-08-16 12:42:15']

  function selectCb(err, results, fields) {
    if (err) {
      throw err;




Creates a new client instance. Any client property can be set using the options object.

client.host = 'localhost'

The host to connect to.

client.port = 3306

The port to connect to.

client.user = null

The username to authenticate as.

client.password = null

The password to use.

client.database = null

The name of the database to connect to (optional).

client.debug = false

Prints incoming and outgoing packets, useful for development / testing purposes.

client.flags = Client.defaultFlags

Connection flags send to the server.

client.query(sql, [params, cb])

Sends a sql query to the server. '?' characters can be used as placeholders for an array of params that will be safely escaped before sending the final query.

This method returns a Query object which can be used to stream incoming row data.

Warning: sql statements with multiple queries separated by semicolons are not supported yet.


Sends a ping command to the server.

client.useDatabase(database, [cb])

Same as issuing a 'USE <database>' query.


Returns some server statistics provided by MySql.

client.format(sql, params)

Allows to safely insert a list of params into a sql string using the placeholder mechanism described above.


Escapes a single val for use inside of a sql string.


Forces the client connection / socket to be destroyed right away.


Schedule a COM_QUIT packet for closing the connection. All currently queued queries will still execute before the graceful termination of the connection is attempted.

client event: 'error' (err)

When the client has no callback / delegate for an error, it is emitted with this event instead.

new mysql.Query()

Query objects are not meant to be invoked manually. To get a query object, use the client.query API.

query event: 'error' (err)

Emitted when mysql returns an error packet for the query.

query event: 'field' (field)

Emitted upon receiving a field packet from mysql.

query event: 'row' (row)

Emitted upon receiving a row. An option for streaming the contents of the row itself will be made available soon.

query event: 'end' ([result])

Emitted once the query is finished. In case there is no result set, a result parameter is provided which contains the information from the mysql OK packet.


How do I compile this module?

This module is written entirely in JavaScript. There is no dependency on external C libraries such as libmysql. That means you don't have to compile this module at all.

How can I retrieve the id from the last inserted record?

client.query('INSERT INTO my_table SET title = ?', function(err, info) {

How can I find out the number of rows affected by the last query?

client.query('UPDATE my_table SET title = ?', function(err, info) {


At this point the module is ready to be tried out, but a lot of things are yet to be done:

  • Implement retry
  • Pause / resume
  • Remaining mysql commands
  • Prepared Statements
  • Packet's > 16 MB
  • Compression
  • Decide how to handle queries with multiple statements
  • Transactions

A stop-gap solution to support multiple statements and transactions is available. Check it out here: http://github.com/bminer/node-mysql-queues


Click here for a full list of contributors.


This is a rather large project requiring a significant amount of my limited resources.

If your company could benefit from a well-engineered non-blocking mysql driver, and wants to support this project, I would greatly appriciate any sponsorship you may be able to provide. All sponsors will get lifetime display in this readme, priority support on problems, and votes on roadmap decisions. If you are interested, contact me at felix@debuggable.com for details.

Of course I'm also happy about code contributions. If you're interested in working on features, just get in touch so we can talk about API design and testing.



  • Escape array values so they produce sql arrays (Roger Castells, Colin Smith)
  • docs: mention mysql transaction stop gap solution (Blake Miner)
  • docs: Mention affectedRows in FAQ (Michael Baldwin)


  • Fix #142 Driver stalls upon reconnect attempt that's immediately closed
  • Add travis build
  • Switch to urun as a test runner
  • Switch to utest for unit tests
  • Remove fast-or-slow dependency for tests
  • Split integration tests into individual files again


  • Expose package.json as mysql.PACKAGE (#104)


  • Set default client.user to root
  • Fix #91: Client#format should not mutate params array
  • Fix #94: TypeError in client.js
  • Parse decimals as string (vadimg)


  • The underlaying socket connection is now managed implicitly rather than explicitly.
  • Check the upgrading guide for a full list of changes.


  • Fix issue #49 / client.escape() throwing exceptions on objects. (Nick Payne)
  • Drop < v0.4.x compatibility. From now on you need node v0.4.x to use this module.

Older releases

These releases were done before starting to maintain the above Changelog:


node-mysql is licensed under the MIT license.