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Commits on Dec 10, 2012
  1. @IamDavidovich @jzaefferer

    Allow groups to be an array or a string - Fixes #479

    IamDavidovich committed with jzaefferer
    Field names can contain spaces (as they are a CDATA type). This causes problems with groups, as the string listing the fields is split on spaces.
    This commit allows the groups option to be either a space-separated string or an array of strings so that field names with spaces can be added. It also adds a unit test to ensure that both string and array based groups are processed into the same data structures.
  2. @jzaefferer


    jzaefferer committed
Commits on Dec 6, 2012
  1. @createbang

    Removed spaces with multiple MIME types

    createbang committed
    If multiple MIME-types are specified, this will get rid of any extra spaces between them.
    `audio/mp3, audio/m4v`
    for parsing successfully.
Commits on Nov 26, 2012
  1. @jzaefferer

    Whitespace/indent fixes

    jzaefferer committed
  2. @nschonni @jzaefferer

    All tabs for localizations

    nschonni committed with jzaefferer
    Corrected double space
  3. @Synchro @jzaefferer
  4. @Synchro
Commits on Nov 23, 2012
  1. @mlynch @jzaefferer
  2. @jzaefferer

    Update dependencies: Remove old jQuery versions, include new ones. Up…

    jzaefferer committed
    …date QUnit and Form plugin.
  3. @jenzener @jzaefferer
  4. @jzaefferer
Commits on Nov 18, 2012
  1. @jzaefferer

    Add Malay (my) localization

    jzaefferer committed
Commits on Nov 14, 2012
  1. @mrextreme
  2. @jzaefferer

    Remove focusin/focusout polyfill. Fixes #542 - Inclusion of…

    mlwalt committed with jzaefferer
    …lidate interfers with focusin and focusout events in IE9
    Removed polyfill for focusin and focusout events as this implementation is problematic in IE9, and jQuery core has handled them since 1.4 (1.8.2 is the latest at this point in time). Note that this raises the minimum compatibility of the validation plugin to jQuery 1.4.
Commits on Nov 4, 2012
  1. @nschonni @jzaefferer
Commits on Oct 29, 2012
  1. @nschonni @jzaefferer
Commits on Oct 24, 2012
  1. @nschonni @jzaefferer
Commits on Oct 23, 2012
  1. @anakinj @jzaefferer
Commits on Oct 14, 2012
  1. @jzaefferer
  2. @pierreant-p @jzaefferer

    Fixed premature return in remote function which prevented ajax call f…

    pierreant-p committed with jzaefferer
    …rom being made in case an input was entered too quickly. Ensures remote validation always validates the newest value.
Commits on Oct 3, 2012
  1. @jzaefferer

    Undo fix for #244. Fixes #521 - E-mail validation fires immediately w…

    jzaefferer committed
    …hen text is in the field.
Commits on Sep 7, 2012
  1. @jzaefferer

    Bump post release version

    jzaefferer committed
  2. @jzaefferer

    Release 1.10.0

    jzaefferer committed
Commits on Sep 6, 2012
  1. @jzaefferer

    Temp: Add pledgie links

    jzaefferer committed
  2. @pjackson28 @jzaefferer

    Corrected French strings for nowhitespace, phoneUS, phoneUK and mobil…

    pjackson28 committed with jzaefferer
    …eUK based upon community feedback.
  3. @coto @jzaefferer

    rename files for language_REGION according to the standard ISO_3166-1 (

    coto committed with jzaefferer
    …, for Taiwan tha language is Chinese (zh) and the region is Taiwan (TW)
  4. @g1smd @jzaefferer
  5. @jzaefferer


    jzaefferer committed
  6. @jzaefferer

    todo cleanup

    jzaefferer committed
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
  1. @jzaefferer

    changelog update

    jzaefferer committed
Commits on Aug 14, 2012
  1. @coto

    Add Language Name for each file, rename the language code according t…

    coto committed
    …o the standard ISO 639 for Estonian, Georgian, Ukrainian and Chinese (
Commits on Aug 9, 2012
  1. @jzaefferer
Commits on Jun 25, 2012
  1. @jzaefferer
Commits on Jun 19, 2012
  1. @pjackson28 @jzaefferer

    Existing French translations were edited and French translations for …

    pjackson28 committed with jzaefferer
    …the additional methods were added.
Commits on May 15, 2012
  1. @mlynch
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