A library to disassemble/assemble and simplify ELF/PE written in C.
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libASMash is a tiny library for disassembling and assembling (TODO) Assembly / machine code
for x86 architecture. It currently supports disassembling of binary "as it is" code (take a
look at the tiny example in the examples/ directory to understand what it means) and from ELF
files (this feature is still *VERY* experimental and I suggest you not to try it until new
order, as get_executable_elf_code() function is still an open yard and so far it can't
correctly recognize the end of the .text segment inside an ELF file yet). TODO: disassembling
Windows PE executable files.

All I suggest you to use now is decode_to_asm() function, that will get 4 parameters:

1. Executable binary code, just as a unsigned char[] array;
2. The length, in bytes, of the executable code;
3. The initial address of the binary code (0 if it doesn't matter, the true address if you
   disassembled that code from an ELF/PE executable file);
4. Options. The only options you should care are INTEL_FLAVOUR and AT_FLAVOUR. They respectly
   set the output format to Intel (default) or AT&T format. Other options specified in elfshark.h
   are generally just used by the library code and you should not care about, but if you *REALLY*
   wish to add options you can just OR them together (e.g. AT_FLAVOUR|BITS_16).

Once installed, you can compile your source using ASMash by adding -lelfshark to your command
line or by explicitly adding the library file to your linker options.

by meh. <meh.ffff@gmail.com> [http://meh.doesntexist.org] and BlackLight <blacklight@0x00.ath.cx>