LOL it's a scrobbler.
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LOLastfm - LOL a scrobbler

LOLastfm is a modular and extensible scrobbler.

It supports a virtually infinite array of music players and has a cool server-client interface that lets you manage music related features seamlessly.

For instance, you can ask it the current playing song without having to relay on client specific shims, or by including the glyr extension you can ask it to give you the lyrics of the currently playing song.

How to configure

Before being able to use LOLastfm you have to allow access to it on, just run LOLastfm -a and follow what it says, then create a file at ~/.LOLastfm/config and put the session id it gave you back.

You have to then tell LOLastfm what music player you want to be used, you can do it dynamically with `LOLastfm-do --use player:path'.

session 'heregoesthesession'

use :moc

The example above is if you're using moc.

You can also hook to certain events to, for example, change the attributes of a song before it's sent.

This allows for some neat features, like easily scrobbling from a radio, the following example shows how to scrobble songs from

%w(listened love unlove now_playing).each {|name|
  on name do |song|
    next if song.artist || !

    if song.comment && song.comment.include?('')
      next :stop if song.title.include?('') || song.title.start_with?('Trance - FM-')

      song.artist, song.title = song.title.split(/ - /, 2)
      song.length             = 60 * 1337