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LOL it's a scrobbler.
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Warning: if you want to use the full version you need Perl installed with threads, there's LOLastfm-minimal if you don't want to install threads.
Warning: it can't send unicode tags without patching a file, look for Net/LastFM/ and comment line 218 |Encode::_utf8_off($data);|

LOLastfm-minimal doesn't have any Service, the rest is exactly as LOLastfm.

Supported players:
MOC        - Full support.
MPD        - Full support, might hang if the connection with the server dies.
mp3blaster - Nearly full support. Doesn't support song repeating submits, it's a problem of mp3blaster.
Rhythmbox  - Full support.
Amarok     - Full support.
Others     - Have the same problem of mp3blaster, see below for more informations. (Some player don't, the one that play the song, then close and then reopen themselves)

For others I mean just put the binary name of the player and see if it works, it probably will :)

Tested (and working) others: { if you test a player send me an email and I'll add it here }
mplayer    - Works like a charm. Supports repeating submits.
totem      - If you listen to one song you have to play another one or quit totem to scrobble, it's a totem's bug.
vlc        - Works like a charm.
alsaplayer - Works like a charm. Supports repeating submits.
songbird   - Works like a charm.
mpg321     - Works like a charm. Supports repeating submits.
mpg123     - Couldn't run it (lol) but I guess it will work as mpg321.
audacious  - Works like a charm.

Player independant, supported players are listed above.
Supports the "Listening Now" function.
Supports caching of listenings when there are connection/server problems and sends them when possible.
Submits multiple times when listening repeatedly to the same song.

To use services you need IO::Socket and JSON to be installed.

set     - change settings of LOLastfm without restarting it.
current - get current song informations.
submit  - send a song to with a given account or the configuration one.
change  - event-like on song change, uses blocking sockets to wait till the song changes and gives infos about it.

The set service has its own program, LOLastfm-set, and has some options, you can see them by running it without any parameter.

# perl -MCPAN -e shell
cpan> install Net::LastFM::Submission
cpan> install XML::Simple

If it whines about can't locating something install what it asks because either the faggot package didn't install dependencies or you failed at configuring CPAN.

Note: if you run it as user after installing something as root you have to chmod -R o+rx /usr/lib/perl5 or it will still whine.

And then you can *make install* it (as root) :)

LOLastfm -h for the options or use the /etc/init.d/LOLastfm (only for Gentoo and runscript compliant distros), or the general daemon in etc/rc.d/ :)

MPD dependencies:
- Audio::MPD

Amarok dependencies:
- DCOP::Amarok::Player

Other dependencies (it also needs the program lsof):
- Music::Tag
- Music::Tag::MP3
- Music::Tag::OGG
- Music::Tag::M4A
- Music::Tag::FLAC
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