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Omegle plugin for BitlBee

This is a simple plugin to talk on Omegle through your favourite IRC client.

When you add an account with the omegle protocol give as user and password whatever you want, they are not used.

Add a handle with the name you want and you will be ready to talk to strangers.

Now, to start talking to a stranger you can either allow stranger or start sending messages to it.

To disconnect from him just block stranger, or tell him you're male, it has the same effect.

If you want the contact to stay online, set the option keep_online to true, it will set as away the contact when not connected, and as online when connected.

If the contact is offline you can still talk to him or allow him to start talking, it will disconnect when the partner disconnects.

By default the plugin adds a buddy called Stranger, you can change the prefix and the quantity with the stranger_prefix and auto_add_strangers options.

You can also use CTCPs, there is CONNECT and DISCONNECT CTCPs, that well, do what they are called.

If you want you can set the common topics to look for in the next stranger by sending a LIKES CTCP with a space separated list of topics. If the look for the stranger is taking too long and you're bored you can tell it to look for random strangers by sending an empty LIKES packet, remember to reset the LIKES after the completely random stranger though.


account add omegle <username> whatever

Building and Installing

$ git clone
$ cd bitlbee-omegle
$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make
# make install