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ColoRB - Colorify your strings

Just a gay library to colorify strings, used in packo.

"lol"                    # Get a bold white string with red background
"lol" # Get an underlined dark red with bright white background

The first color is always the foreground, if you pass a second color it becomes the background.

By default it uses default terminal colors, so you won't get black backgrounds on transparent terminals.

To get a string with default color and specific background just do something like this

"lol"  # This will output a default color with blue background string

Colors: default, black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white

Extra: clean, bold, underline, blink, standout

256 colors support

If the used terminal supports 256 colors you can use them too, example:

"lol".color(255).color(160) # Get a white string with red background