Inspect arbitrary values and types.
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inspect - ruby ruby ruby

This small header gives you the superpower of inspecting any kind of value in C++11, providing output similar to Ruby's #inspect.

If you define std::string inspect (void) as method in your class, it will use the whole output when inspecting.

If you define std::string to_string (void) as method in your class, it will use its output in this manner #<*type*: *output*>.

If you define std::ostream& operator << (std::ostream& on, *type* value) for your class, it will act as it were a to_string method.

The available functions are inspect::value and inspect::type, you can guess what they do by their name, can't you?

test.cpp output

#<bar: dabbah>
#<wat: I like trains>
#<union omg:0x7ffff5e03890>
#<enum derp: omg>
[[1, 2], [3, 4]]
(float*) 0x156
#<function void(int): main::$_0>
#<function void(float): 0x4023d0>
#<function std::string(): @bar>
#<function void(): #<main::$_1: 1>>

Type name demangling

By default it demangles type names using the cxxabi.h header, it's not available everywhere, so if you don't have it or don't want it make sure to define NO_DEMANGLE, the type names will be worse, but well, such is life.

On MSVC it uses dbghelp.lib and Dbghelp.h.


This header is released under WTFPL, so yeah, do whatever you want with it.