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fag – [F]orums [A]re [G]ay

fag is a “new” way to see a forum, it’s not really new, it’s already been implemented in some platforms and some big websites.

There are no sections, there are no topics, there’s only an ocean of flows formed of drops, full of floats.

Faggy names to explain old concepts:

  • Ocean ~ the tag cloud.
  • Flow ~ a thread.
  • Drop ~ a post.
  • Float ~ a tag.

Why change names and do something that already exists?

Well, the fact is that the existing implementations rely too much on the old “forum” way, and I don’t like it.

You can see fag as a mix of an Imageboard (because you can post without registering) and a Forum (because you can register an user and configure some stuff) but at the same time it has nothing to do with both.

Posting code

To post some code you just have to put:

---- Language ----

Where language has to be a single word without spaces. If the syntax is supported it will be highlighted, if it isn’t it will fall back to plain text :)

To include already pasted code just do:

< /code/id

Where id is the code id.