Servo based minimal browser.
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Servo based, vim-inspired, tinfoil hat approved, modal browser, that's what this wants to be at least.


  • vimperator inspired bindings
  • vimperator inspired status bar
  • vim inspired tab bar
  • vim inspired buffers
  • vim inspired windows
  • vim inspired tabs
  • built-in ad blocker
  • built-in NoScript-like thingy
  • built-in RequestPolicy-like thingy
  • built-in GreaseMonkey support
  • built-in Stylish-like support


A buffer is a web page, when you close a window the page doesn't go away, unless you close the buffer (which will also close the window).

This allows you to reopen a buffer in different window without losing its state, or have it opened in multiple windows.


A window is a container for a buffer, windows can be split vertically or horizontally however many times you want, like in vim.


A tab is a container for windows.


NORMAL mode will be like vimperator's normal mode.

EDIT mode will be enabled while inside a text input area, it will behave like vim normal mode.

INSERT behaves like vim.

REPLACE behaves like vim.