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+Broadcast extension lifecycle and packet description
+The broadcast protocol is made to share anonymous messages with all the reachable torchat
+This feature could be used to spam but users will always be able to disable such a feature.
+Following is a list and description of the packets in the broadcast extension.
+### Broadcast Message
+This packet is used to send a simple broadcast message, it just contains the message.
+A broadcast message can contain *hashtags* which a person can follow/ignore.
+When you send a broadcast *message* you send it to every logged in contact you have, on reception
+of the *message* the contact will check if the same message has already been sent recently and if
+not it will send the same message to every other contact in his contact list and so on.
+The check for messages already broadcasted is made by hashing the message itself.
+broadcast_message broadcast messages in #torchat rock

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