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Simple Login System Written in PHP
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PHP Login System

A Simple Login System Written in PHP. It can Sign up and store User's Data into a Database and Log users in on Website.

How To Run

  • Clone this Repository into your webserver's Directory.
  • Create a New Database in MySQL.
  • Open files/DataBaseCreation.sql file and run SQL Commands into your new Database.
  • Edit includes/dbConnector.php and fill in Your Host Address (Enter localhost if you using in your Local Computer), Your Database Username, Your Database Password and The Database Name which you wanna use, to the specified places.
  • Open your Web Browser and Navigate to the address of project in your Webserver's Directory.


  • This is my First Project with PHP and It isn't a Complete Login System yet. I'll appreciate that if you take a look and tell me the mistakes and weaknesses of the project.
  • The Front-End is Very Simple Because I don't know much about Front-End, so if you can help me to make it beautiful, I'll be happy :)
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