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Updated compatibility and version bump (#10)

* Updated compatibility and version bump

* Changed license

* added staticarray
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mehalter committed Nov 5, 2019
1 parent 0e26402 commit aa203394b6ad2cb52da6e8aaf92db5478056bd12
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mehalter replied Nov 5, 2019


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JuliaRegistrator replied Nov 5, 2019

Registration pull request created: JuliaRegistries/General/5080

After the above pull request is merged, it is recommended that a tag is created on this repository for the registered package version.

This will be done automatically if Julia TagBot is installed, or can be done manually through the github interface, or via:

git tag -a v0.1.3 -m "<description of version>" aa203394b6ad2cb52da6e8aaf92db5478056bd12
git push origin v0.1.3

Also, note the warning: Version 0.1.3 skips over 0.1.2
This can be safely ignored. However, if you want to fix this you can do so. Call register() again after making the fix. This will update the Pull request.

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