simple command line pomodoro app with visualization of statistics
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Simple command line pomodoro app with visualization of statistics. The Pomodoro technique is a time management technique for improving productivity.

Check ( for more details.

The code is based on :

How to install ?

    pip install pomodoro-cli


    git clone
    cd pomodoro
    pip install -r requirements.txt
    python install

How to use it?

  pomodoro 60 5

will run pomodoro cycles of 60mins of work and 5mins of rest. By default an alarm sound will be played at the end of pomodoros. Warning : alarm needs either mpg123 ( or ffplay( to be installed.

it can be disabled using:

  pomodoro 60 5 --alarm=False

Instead of an alarm, you might rather want to receive a message box each time you finish a pomodoro. To do that, you can do:

  pomodoro 60 5 --notif=True --alarm=False

Warning : notif needs pyqt5 (


each time a pomodoro is performed, its recorded on a small text database in your HOME/.pomodoro. To visualize the statistics of your pomodoros, you can use pomostat. Here are some examples:

  pomostat overall
  pomostat week
  pomostat thisweek
  pomostat lastweek
  pomostat week --weekof='2018-01-01'
  pomostat stats
  pomostat weeks
  pomostat today
  pomostat yesterday

Check pomostat --help for more information.

Here is an example of graph with pomostat thisweek: