Digital stethoscope application for your android phones and tablets
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Digital stethoscope application for your android phones and tablets Download it on Google Play and other stores from

Introduction: Next-generation mobile health application for your android phones and tablets. Learn and diagnose faster. MedAlyser is developed for doctors, nurses, students, healthcare workers and everyone having an android device to promote health. With MedAylser you can auscultate and record heart sounds using your device microphone or an external digital stethoscope and analyze and share them with others.

Features include: ★ Store basic patient profile including name, sex, age, email address. ★ Auscultate pulmonary, cardiac and abdominal sounds in real-time using your device microphone or an external digital stethoscope. ★ Record sounds while auscultating. ★ See real time phonocardiogram of sounds. ★ Edit recorded sounds and only save parts of the file you like. ★ Share recorded sounds with others using email, MMS& WIFI to help with diagnosis in emergency situations. ★ Listen to different normal and abnormal pre-recorded heart sounds available and see their phonocardiogram. ★ Apply Advanced DSP (Digital Sound Processing) effects to played sounds in order to receive a powerful diagnosable heart sound. The Effects include:*

1. CardioPulmonary Sound Filter: This plugin will filter out frequencies not in the range of heart and pulmonary sounds and plays a very important role in a digital stethoscope.
2. CardioPulmonary Sound Enhancer: This plugin  will amplify low frequency heart sounds to increase ability to hear sounds that our ears can not normally hear.**
3. Echo Canceller: In devices without low latency support and not very high quality sound cards, there will be some echo in high sound volumes while auscultating in real-time. This filter will reduce the amount of echo generated.
4. Noise Suppressor: In crowded places like emergency rooms, factories or streets, lots of noise from different people or engines are generated which will affect auscultation. This filter will try to decrease the noise.
5. Sound Normalizer: When you drop your stethoscope or someone screams, you will hear a loud noise in your stethoscope which may harm your hearing. This filter automatically normalizes the output of the captured signal by boosting or lowering input from the microphone to match a preset level so that the output signal level is virtually stable.

★ Different physical exam tools has been implemented to ease & speed up patient's physical exam process:

1. Calculator: A simple calculator which allows the examiner to perform rapid calculations like BMI, GFR, etc.
2. Torch: which will allow the examiner to use her phone as a torch to examine patient's oropharynx or pupil reflexes.
3. Chronometer: Will allow the examiner to calculate HR/RR easily.
4. Ruler: Ruler will allow you to use your phone as a ruler. You might want to use it to measure the size of wounds in patients.***
5. Heart rate monitor: Which will let you check patient's pulse rate using device flash and camera. 

Download it on Google Play and other stores from

  • Please note that DSP effects are only available for free on Pre-installed heart sounds. Some DSP effects are only available for paid users and in real-time mode and on devices with android version 4.0+ with built-in software and hardware support. You may check for supported audio features inside our application. ** In many devices, auscultation of heart and pulmonary sounds is only possible with an external stethoscope. however abdominal sounds can be auscultated. *** Ruler is not pre-installed but MedAlyser will help you find one from the market.