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How is it working ?

This step use Hashicorp Vault dynamic secrets with database.

Each time you will go to the website, the application will use a new couple user/password for database access.

It use also Encryption as a Service. Each time you will go to the website, the application will Encrypt value and store the encrypted data into the database.


First, init your terraform folder:

$ docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/terraform:/app/ -w /app/ hashicorp/terraform:light init

Or if you can use Makefile: make init


As an Ops, you need to deploy the infrastructure:

$ docker-compose up

Or if you can use Makefile: make infra

Service access


As an Dev, you need to deploy the infrastructure. In this case, using Vault, your application use Approle and need Role_ID and Secret_ID.

Here how to retrieve Role_ID and Secret_ID:

$ role_id=$(docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/terraform:/app/ -w /app/ hashicorp/terraform:light output approle_role_id)
$ secret_id=$(docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/terraform:/app/ -w /app/ hashicorp/terraform:light output approle_secret_id)

And launch your application:

$ docker-compose -f app.yml run -e VLT_ROLE_ID=$role_id -e VLT_SECRET_ID=$secret_id --service-ports web

Or if you can use Makefile: make app

Service access

Test the EaaS

Going into the website, you will find an encrypted data from Vault. We will decrypt this value to test if the EaaS working. Your application can only encrypt and can not decrypt (check the web.hcl).

Vault informations access for web UI:

  1. Connect with your web browser to the Vault URL
  2. Use token connection and enter as a token: root
  3. Go to transit path and select: web
  4. In key actions, select: Decrypt
  5. Put your encrypted value and decrypt it
  6. Decode from base64 and you will get the decrypt value who should be equel to the server name


Do the following commands:

$ docker-compose down
$ docker-compose -f app.yml down
$ rm terraform/terraform.tfstate

Or if you can use Makefile: make clean

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