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Allow comments in arabic. Fix yaml warning.

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mehdisadeghi committed May 26, 2019
1 parent e81e7c1 commit 9eaae76fd106013c1c8cfcb603f41ae5801b6a56
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@@ -76,13 +76,15 @@ def decrypt(text):
def update_comments(file, comments):
'''Update comments in the YAML data files of each post.'''
old_comments = yaml.load(file) or []
old_comments = yaml.safe_load(file) or []

# Use comment date as ID
old_comment_ids = [cmnt['created_at'] for cmnt in old_comments]
# Avoid duplicates and avoid non-Persian comments. A naive protection against spam.
new_comments = list(filter(lambda x: x['created_at'] not in old_comment_ids and x['language'] == 'fa',
map(transform_comment, comments)))
new_comments = list(
lambda x: x['created_at'] not in old_comment_ids and x['language'] in ('fa', 'ar'),
map(transform_comment, comments)))

if new_comments:

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