Code controlling Zumo Robots, v1.2.
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Code for controlling Zumo Robots, v1.2.


  1. Follow the getting started page for Arduino to set up the environment
  • Download and install Arduino IDE
  • Connect Arduino to Zumo and connect it to the computer
  • Make sure the drivers fro Arduino are installed on the computer
  • Open and upload the Standard Firmata (File->Examples->Firmata->Standard Firmata) to the Arduino.
  1. Install Node.js.
  2. Make sure node and npm are in your path (i.e. you can run both commands in your shell)

How it works

Prototype 1


Getting started with Zumo robots, using Johnny-Five. Basic movements and LEDs. Commands are read from a file in the same directory. When the text file messages.txt is overwritten or saved, it triggers the script to parse and run the command in the file.


  1. Follow the installation instructions above.
  2. In your shell, go to the directory for the sub-project, and run: npm install
  3. Run the Johnny-Five code: node myZumo_prototype1.js