The solution for the Scissor-Paper-Rock challenge using micro:bit and Bluetooth
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Scissor-Paper-Rock Game with micro:bit and Bluetooth

The code simulates a popular Scissor-Paper-Rock game using two micro:bit devices communicating via Bluetooth. Full description for the challenge and installation instructions can be found in this blog post.

  • On shake the micro:bit should pick a random shape (scissors, paper, or rock) and show it using LED array on the device
  • The two devices should connect and send the data over to each other
  • The opposite device comperes then its own shape to the one received, and decides weather it won or lost
  • Each of the two micro:bits shows then "Won" or "Lost" on the LED array.

Note: Make sure to change group=1 to a number between 0 and 255. Both chips should belong to the same group to connect to each other.