Speed test the std::for_each with different execution policies!
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C++ std::for_each Speed Test

With the release of ISO C++17 Standard [https://www.iso.org/standard/68564.html], operations in <algorithm> header added support for policies provided in <execution> header. These policies include:

  • Sequenced
  • Parallel
  • Parallel Unsequenced

When appropriately implemented by compilers, operations like std::for_each will provide a simple way to perform multithreading and boost speed of processing large amounts of data (with an Intel i7-7820HK, our small code was almost 4x faster with parallel unsequenced execution). This repository contains an application for testing the speed of different execution policies.

Compiler Requirements

MSVC GNU Clang Intel
15.4 v14.11 or above TODO TODO TODO

How to Use

  1. Open command prompt with git
  2. Execute command git clone --recursive -- https://github.com/OguzDerin/cpp_std_for_each_speed_test.git
  3. Generate using your CMake workflow
    • Visual Studio 2017+: Enter the folder, right click, choose "Open in Visual Studio" and you are ready to go!
      • To use different speed tests, right click CMakeLists.txt and navigate to "Debug from Build Folder"

To Do

  • Enable C++17 using compiler options and definitions for compilers other than MSVC (help would be appreciated)
  • Update when new execution policies added

Compact Screenshot