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A simple logging utility.
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Loggy is a basic class responsible from logging events and errors. It writes down logs in a file called, and can also read the data, and return a formatted version for you.



  • Drag and drop the loggy folder, and call "loggy/load.php" from your script.

  • Create an instance, using the constructor. If you want to use a different filename and/or a different separator, pass them as parameters.

    • $loggy = new Loggy($myLogFile, $mySeparator);
  • Anywhere in your script, use the "w" method to write a new entry.

    • $loggy->w("This is a dummy log message", "Written by this Tag");

Loggy will automatically detect the IP address and pick the date and time information, and add them into your log entry.

Exporting Loggy Entries

Use the export() method, which returns you the HTML formatted loggy data by default. Export method takes a parameter that specifies what format do you want your data in.

  • $myHTMLLogData = $loggy->export();
  • $myJSONLogData = $loggy->export("JSON");
  • $myXMLLogData = $loggy->export("XML");