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A small tool that provides connection and CRUD for PostgreSQL databases on PHP.
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Phostgre is a small group of classes that provides the connection and CRUD operations between a PHP script and a PostgreSQL database.

It contains an Engine class, which is meant to be the bridge between PHP and the PostgreSQL Database System.

It's very simple to use! Follow these instructions and feel free to customize them as you do, if you know what you're doing.

  • Configure your database settings in "load.php".

      define("PgSQL_HOSTNAME", "<your database host address>");
      define("PgSQL_USERNAME", "<your postgresql username>");
      define("PgSQL_PASSWORD", "<your postgresql password>");
      define("PgSQL_DATABASE", "<your database name>");
      define("PgSQL_PORT"    , "<your postgresql database port, which is usually 5432");
  • Create a new folder named "phostgre" in your project's root directory, and place the "lib" folder and "load.php" in it.

  • Call "load.php" once from your script.

  • Enjoy the Engine class!

      // Create an instance
      $engine = new Engine(); 
      // Set a query.
      $engine->setQuery("SELECT * FROM employees WHERE salary > 1000;"); 
      // Load results as a 2d array, suitable for a foreach loop.
      $results = $engine->loadMultiple(); 
      // Check for errors.
      if($engine->hasErrors()) print $engine->complain(); 
      // Call your stored procedures right through the Engine.
      $engine->addEmployee("Mehmet Seckin", 5000, "2013-01-01");
      // Load a boolean result.
      $employeeAdded = $engine->loadBoolean();