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Modern TCP tool and service for network performance observability.


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TCPProbe is a modern TCP tool and service for network performance observability. It exposes information about socket’s underlying TCP session, TLS and HTTP (more than 60 metrics). you can run it through command line or as a service. the request is highly customizable and you can integrate it with your application through gRPC. it runs in a Kubernetes cluster as cloud native application and by adding annotations on pods allow a fine control of the probing process.



  • TCP socket statistics
  • TCP/IP request customization
  • Prometheus exporter
  • Probing multiple hosts
  • Runs as service
  • Kubernetes native
  • gRPC interface


Command line (download Linux binary)

tcpprobe -json


docker run --rm mehrdadrad/tcpprobe

Docker Compose

TCPProbe and Prometheus

docker-compose up -d

Open your browser and try http://localhost:9090 You can edit the docker-compose.yml to customize the options and target(s).

Helm Chart

Detailed installation instructions for TCPProbe on Kubernetes are found here.

helm install tcpprobe tcpprobe


This project is licensed under MIT license. Please read the LICENSE file.


Welcomes any kind of contribution, please follow the next steps:

  • Fork the project on
  • Create a new branch.
  • Commit changes to the new branch.
  • Send a pull request.