A secure peer-to-peer chat application (Java console)
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P2pChatOTR is a peer-to-peer chat application for clients located behind firewalls. P2pChatOTR uses Off-the-Record Messaging and Socialist Millionaire' Protocol to implement end-to-end encryption, so your conversations are secure and private. No host account (XMPP or other) is required to use P2pChatOTR. This simplifies usage and makes it also more difficult for anyone to track your usage patterns.

System requirements

To build or run P2pChatOTR, the following 3rd party software must be installed:

OpenJDK 6, Scala 2.9.x, Ant

On Ubuntu 12.04 you would:

apt-get install scala ant

Running P2pChatOTR

The code repository contains the required binaries. A run script is provided for convenience. run uses the Scala runtime to execute the named class. Two P2pChatOTR instances need to be executed in parallel, so they can connect to each other. Running both instances on the same machine is possible, but the purpose of this application is to bridge clients located behind discrete firewalls. Possible setups: two machines in completely separate locations. Or: two PC's, one connected via DSL or cable, the other one connected via mobile internet.

P2pChatOTR works similar to P2pBase (see: https://github.com/mehrvarz/P2pCore). Instead of using pre-exchanged public keys for end-to-end encryption, however, OTR messaging and OTR are being used. P2pChatOTR needs two secret strings on start:

(Alice) ./run paris texas
(Bob)   ./run paris texas

The first string argument ("paris") will be used to match the two clients. The second string argument ("texas") will be used as OTR/SMP secret. Both clients must use the exact same secret words.

As soon as a p2p connection has been established, OTR and SMP will be automatically started. A couple of seconds later, SMP should be complete ("*** SMP succeeded ***") and a secure conversation can take place. To end the application hit Ctrl-C.

Shown below is a P2pChatOTR log of Alice's client instance:

P2pChatOTR relaySocket.getLocalPort=-1 relayServer= relayPort=18771
P2pChatOTR receiveHandler send encrypted initialMsg='...'
P2pChatOTR combinedUdpAddrString this peer udpAddress=|
P2pChatOTR receiveMsgHandler other peer combindedUdpAddress='|'
P2pChatOTR datagramSendThread udpIpAddr='' udpPortInt=33790 abort
P2pChatOTR datagramSendThread udpIpAddr='' udpPortInt=55130 connected
From network:32:stand up
Injecting message to the recipient:326:?OTR:AAICAAAAxPaF08CY3FVioRfrGCgEvJ...
From OTR:8:stand up
From network:274:?OTR:AAIKAAAAwNvZMcndXAqJDvdqd/p9aWtEHKKyN...
From network:690:?OTR:AAIRAAAAENsQ4J2Rx8Nq...
New fingerprint is created.
Writing fingerprints.
Updating context list.
AKE succeeded
P2pChatOTR goneSecure -> init OMP with smpSecret=word
Injecting message to the recipient:666:?OTR:AAISAAAB0tUvh3ZcWUOHl40...
Injecting message to the recipient:991:?OTR,1,2,?OTR:AAIDAQAAAAEAAAABAAAAwDA...
Injecting message to the recipient:515:?OTR,2,2,4C7tqiIkJV//ZdC8jimctJHJhd7...
From network:991:?OTR,1,3,?OTR:AAIDAQAAAAEAAAACAAAAw...
From network:991:?OTR,2,3,fNejafJRYsoWj12DJKOEIrXgYH7qVwQHZXDZ...
From network:626:?OTR,3,3,TOgcciO69O/o6hFtr6nnCwSdLQJGimoi+ekQ...
Injecting message to the recipient:991:?OTR,1,3,?OTR:AAIDAQAAAAIAAAACAAAAwCEOW...
Injecting message to the recipient:991:?OTR,2,3,9oRam+5af6ZqgvkJ4UGuwYKX8ulPaJ...
Injecting message to the recipient:58:?OTR,3,3,1YciE3FSKuYn41KCGSHSYxT7LscjNh...
From OTR:0:
Writing fingerprints.
P2pChatOTR ************* SMP succeeded ***************

Building from source

To build the project, run:


make script will work three steps:

  1. compile Java-OTR classes located in src/ca/ using ant and javac
  2. compile P2pChatOTR classes located in src/ using scalac
  3. create P2pChatOTR.jar by running ./makejar script