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Releases: mehtadone/PTFeeder


16 Aug 11:45
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  • This release will ONLY work for PT version 2.5.3 and above.
  • Upgrade to dotnet 5 will be required.
  • No changes to appsettings or hostsettings required if upgrading from 1.9

Bug fixes

  • Config switch not working all the time
  • accountLeverage throwing an exception
  • QueryMinBuyVolume not being used all the time


29 May 08:34
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Update to use dotnet 7.0


10 May 20:40
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  • This release will ONLY work for PT version 2.4.25 and above.
  • No changes to appsettings or hostsettings required if upgrading from 1.8.3. If you are upgrading for anything older, please read the release notes for the previous releases on the releases page


  • Added an extra Previous level. See Advanced for more info.


29 Dec 12:47
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pt-feeder-v1.3.0.164 Pre-release


If you are upgrading, please delete your database/prices.sqlite file before running this new version.
This will require resetting up your appsettings.json and hostsettings.json as the format of the file has changed (Sorry Diesel)


  • HostSettings.json property MarketConditionCheckInMinutes to set time to run PTF market condition checks.
  • Hump & Dump Protection. A second trend detection enabled in appsettings.json MinutesForLongerTermTrend. This can be used to create config under LongerTermPriceChangeGrouping.
  • Add ability to offset DCA_Enabled_Trigger to stop coins going straight into DCA.
  • Binance support
  • Add ability to offset ALL_min_buy_balance with a default value
  • Ability to use ALL_max_cost and max_cost_percentage (property in hostsettings.json).
  • Ability to use ALL_min_buy_balance or ALL_min_buy_balance_percentage (property in hostsettings). Note this is not pair specific
  • Licensing - Speak to your your reseller to get your license key. Can be managed through


  • Database optimisation to hold less in memory.
  • More logging for pairs that go wrong.
  • Price Resolution changed to min buy price to reflect PT property. Requires change in appsettings.json to property MinBuyPrice and CoinGrouping config
  • Store prices for up to 7 days
  • MinBTCPriceChange changed to MinBaseCoinPriceChange in appsettings.json. This now works for BTC and ETH. If your base coin is USDT, this is ignored.
  • Performance tweaks
  • Global SOM only mode when market condition is in SOM


  • Twitter offsets. Will revisit in a future release.

[Coming Soon]

  • Ability to change strategy per pair based on different conditions.
  • Gui to edit settings
  • Conditional overrides so you can do things like "offset the buy value by -20% for coins less than 150 BTC only in a bear or superbear market trend"
  • As we now are driven mainly off pair trend not market trend, it is difficult to see what settings are being used per pair. I will work on a simple webpage so you can see these at a glance.