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A replacement for the ical2rem.pl script.

I was using ical2rem.pl to pull data off my Google calendar and
display it in wyrd, which I'm using on my laptop.  After a while I
found a few shortcomings:
- the parsing of the .ics file from Google took about 25 seconds (on
  my Intel CoreII Duo T7100) during which the CPU was fully utilized
- the script does not use the features of remind format, e.g. the
  repeating events are created as multiple entries in the remind file

The mycal2rem.pl is far from full implementation of the .ics format
(RFC 5545), but currently it parses all events from my calendar just
fine.  If you find a bug or you'd like to have new event type
implemented, please contact me at mehturt (at) gmail (dot) com.