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TODO-Backend with GOA

Minimal viable product passing the test suite for todo-backends with golang and goa.

Deployed on heroku at the link below:

How to build this project

  • install golang and setup $GOPATH environment variable
  • checkout this repo somewhere into your $GOPATH
  • install glide for vendor management
  • use glide to initialize vendor dependencies for this project
    • glide install
  • make goagen cli tools from vendor
    • cd ./vendor/
    • go build
    • cd -
  • optional: move goagen to somewhere on the $PATH
    • mv ./vendor/ $GOPATH/bin
  • generate code using goagen cli tools
    • ./vendor/ app -d
    • ./vendor/ main -d
  • alternative: run go generate on main.go (goagen must be on $PATH)
    • go generate

All in one

go generate && go build -i && ./todo-backend-golang-goa

Run with PostgresSQL (or MySQL)

export DATABASE_DIALECT=postgres

export DATABASE_URL="host= user=todos dbname=todos sslmode=disable password=s3cr3t"

Should also work with MySQL but I did not test it :P

Note: if those variables are not set it will run with sqlite (relative 'todo.db' file)

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